Smartvue - HD PTZ Cameras

Smartvue - HD PTZ Cameras
Smartvue - 2 Megapixel HD Pan Tilt Digital Zoom Network Cameras - Wireless and Wired

All Smartvue S9 cameras offer True HDTV 1080p megapixel video capabilities with progressive scan to deliver the very highest quality surveillance video in up to 1600x1200 resolution.

Smartvue S9C1 cameras offer secure long-range 802.11N wireless to cover an entire warehouse, store, restaurant or home without running another wire.

Smartvue S9C2 cameras offer built-in PoE (power over ethernet) to make wired camera installation faster and easier.

Smartvue cameras include integrated motion detection with alerts as well as tamper detection.

Remote control pan, tilt, and zoom with auto-patrol features are like having a security control room at your fingertips.

All Smartvue cameras offer built in mic as well as external mic and speaker options for two way audio.

Smartvue S9 cameras have built in quad streaming to enable up to four simultaneous video streams from one camera.