Stardot NetCam XL

Stardot NetCam XL
Stardot XL Series Netcam - The NetCam XL is the latest generation in the popular NetCam series of network cameras. Designed for both indoor and rugged outdoor installations, the NetCam XL streams video and produces some of the highest quality images found in a network camera.

No computer is required to operate the NetCam XL - it is a standalone solution that can connect to a local network, DSL, cable modem, satellite modem, cellular, wireless Ethernet or even a phone line. You simply browse to its IP address to view live video and access configuration options. Set up is straightforward and simple and NetCam XL is designed to run unattended for years on end.
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Stardot Technologies CAM-XL3MP-01 NetCam XL 3 Megapixel, 4.5-10mm Lens - Includes Camera, 8mm lens, 50 ft. Power/Ethernet Cable, Wall Mount, Config Cable, Tool CD-ROM - Usually in Stock
SKU: CAM-XL640-01
Stardot Technologies CAM-XL640-01 NetCam XL 640 x 480 pixel IP Network Camera Bundle - Usually in Stock