Veracity - TIMENET - NTP clock

Veracity - TIMENET - NTP clock
The Veracity TIMENET provides a low-cost solution to the problem of providing accurate reference time signals for CCTV recording equipment.CCTV and digital video recorder (DVR) installations require accurate reference time signals for synchronisation of system clocks to ensure that they are always set at the precisely correct time. It is crucial that all recordings are accurately time-stamped, especially for evidential purposes. Many DVR products, especially those which are PC-based, have inaccurate internal clocks which drift by many seconds per week. Considering that DVR systems may be left unattended for months on end, it is easy to see that the time settings can end up being in error by many minutes.
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TIMENET POE GPS Master NTP Time Server - Includes Indoor/Outdoor Antenna POE ready with - GPS Enabled - Discontinued - Order new TIMENET PRO (available in Oct. 2016)